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Yesterday evening I attended Southwest Christian Care’s (SWCC) annual memorial service for those who had died during the past year. Southwest Christian Care, located in Christian City, Georgia, provides hospice, senior services, and respite care for special needs child...

Christians often speak of being in relationship with God, but what does that really mean? This question can be perplexing, especially if we think of the God as some distant, uninvolved ethereal spirit or a generic greater power of some kind. When we understand that the...

Anger is neither good nor bad emotion. How we respond to anger, however, determines if our actions will tear down or build up ourselves and other people. We can choose to pause, pray, and respond with love and kindness or we can choose to indulge our anger by holding g...

Several recent articles lament that God has rescinded His blessing on the United States of America as punishment for the slide towards an anything goes, immoral, secular culture. God has not abandoned us. His invitation into a loving, life-giving relationship is always...

Christian Spiritual Direction helps seekers listen for God, become more aware of His presence and movement in their lives, and discern how best to respond to His invitation to live a more fulling Christian life. This post offers a brief description of the Who, What, Wh...

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