Spiritual Companionship

Christian Spiritual Companionship is a contemplative, holy listening ministry. As a trained spiritual companion, I pledge to serve as a trusted companion on your  spiritual journeys. I will assist you to reflect on God's presence in your life, to find your spiritual direction toward God and how best to respond to His invitation to a more fulfilling Christian life. If spiritual companionship is something you would like to explore or if you have been in spiritual direction (companionship) and are looking for a spiritual companion, please call BJ Spanos at 404.771.9335 to set up a let's get acquainted session. Group or one-on-one sessions available; in person or long-distance, such as through Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Spiritual Companionship Short

If you have a specific short-term goal or question(s) for which you are seeking God's guidance, Spiritual Companionship Short may be able to help you notice where God is in your present situation, discern His purpose for you as it relates to your goal or question(s), and how best accomplish this while being attuned to His will. Please call BJ Spanos at 404.771.9335 to set up a let's get acquainted session.  One-on-one sessions only;  in person or long-distance, such as through Skype or FaceTime.

Journeying Through Grief

Grieving is a challenging journey of self-discovery. It is an invitation   to take stock of your life, to acknowledge, honor and process your feelings about loss(es) and change(s), and to be open to new possibilities. This journey is not easy, but it is worthwhile and can

lead you out of sadness and despair. As a trained spiritual director / companion and grief recovery specialist, I can help you navigate your journey through grief. I recommend and rely strongly on Jerry Sittser’s book,  A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss. Please call BJ Spanos at 404.771.9335 for a consultation. Group or one-on-one formats available.

Spiritual Book Studies, Directed Quiet Days

In our 24/7 instant access world, we often measure our value by the number of connections we have and by how busy we are. We lose ourselves in the myriad of posts and tweets, and hours spent working or playing mindless computer games and surfing the net. As a result, we may find ourselves immersed in an illusion of connectedness that leaves us empty, lonely, and wondering about life's meaning and purpose, as well as feeling spiritually dry and dusty. Spending time reading and discussing a spiritual book, participating in directed quiet day, or both invites seekers to reconnect with other believers and with God and to refocus their hearts towards Him. Please call BJ Spanos at 404.771.9335 for more information or to arrange a quiet day or spiritual book study group.