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Ekteleo Ministry: Refocusing, Reframing, Rebranding

For the past couple of years, Ekteleo Ministry has focused primarily on grief recovery, using The Grief Recovery Method®. I am pleased to announce that Ekteleo Ministry is broadening its scope to include spiritual direction, directed quiet days, and spiritual book studies in the Christian tradition.

Both grief recovery and Christian spiritual direction contain elements of completion. In fact, Ekteleo is a Greek verb meaning to complete or to finish. A primary goal of our Christian spiritual journey, for example, is theosis, the Greek word for being in union with God, which implies completion. Grief recovery, using The Grief Recovery Institute’s The Grief Recovery Method, is achieved by completing unresolved emotional communications in relationships or routines that have changed, resulting in feelings of loss and grief.

In addition, our culture encourages us to be very analytical when it comes to grieving and our spiritual journeys as well as to rearrange things to fit our ideas of how the world should be and how we think God should act. Yet, if we listen and attend with our hearts, as St. Benedict encourages us, we often find another path, one that leads us away from the world and out of our heads into silence and solitude, where we can listen for God and experience His love and be comforted and healed.

Ekteleo Ministry strives to help those who are seeking God or who are grieving to find completion, meaning, and purpose in their lives. To that end, the Listen with the Ear of Your Heart Blog will offer encouragement and tips not only to grievers, but also to those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God, their spiritual direction toward Him, and how to respond to His invitation to live a more fulfilling life in Christ.

To be clear, The Grief Recovery Method is not therapy, coaching, or counseling but a secular education program. Spiritual concerns about your loss and grieving may be addressed via spiritual direction or in a separate unrelated session.

You are warmly invited to visit Ekteleo Ministry online to learn more about Christian spiritual direction, and The Grief Recovery Method. You also are invited to join our mailing list to receive updates of future postings and announcements. I look forward to engaging with you via this blog, on Facebook (@eketeleoministry), Twitter (@bjspanos), and Instagram (ekteleo).

I also would be honored to walk with you on your spiritual journey toward a more fulfilling Christian life, on your journey towards grief recovery, or both.

May God bless and protect you.

BJ Spanos

Spiritual Director

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®


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