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In Him You Will Find Your Answers

Instead of glorifying violence, glorify God

Instead of engaging in shaming and blaming, engage in caring and compassion

Instead of responding with anger, respond with love

Instead of being cruel, be kind

Instead of spending time on your devices, spend time in prayer

Instead of living your life alone, live your life in a faith community

Instead of texting with your friends and family, talk with them

Instead of coveting what others have, share what you have

Instead of being boastful, be humble

Instead of judging, forgive yourself and others

Instead of ignoring those who are struggling, notice them and lift them up

Instead of shifting responsibility, take responsibility for your life

Instead of playing the victim, play the victor for others

Instead of embracing the passions of your heart, embrace the passion of our Lord

Instead of crying out in the darkness, cry out to the light of Christ

Instead of settling for the hopelessness the world offers, cleave to the hope Christ offers

Instead of giving up on yourself, give into God

In Him, you will find yourself and the answers you seek

In Him, you will find the strength to change

In Him, you will find the Truth, the Way and the Life

In Him, all things are possible

BJ Spanos

Spiritual Director

© Ekteleo Ministry, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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