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In God’s Time

Kairos: In God's Time

I am captivated by the concepts of kairos and chronos. In the New Testament, kairos is used to refer to “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts. Kairos is outside of time as we know it. Chronos, on the other hand, is used in the New Testament to refer to linear or sequential time, such as can be measured by clock or a calendar (Strong’s Greek Concordance). Kairos is in God’s time, while chronos is the world’s time.

As Christians, we live in the world and abide by its various physical laws, including the linear passage of time (chronos). But, that is not all we are. We also are spiritual beings, created and beloved by God. As such, we also believe that the Holy Trinity longs to be engaged with us and for God to act in us and work through us. We are a part of a greater whole, the Body of Christ.

If we accept God’s invitation to abide in us, to act in us, and to work through us, we also must understand that God works within the fullness of time and acts at just the right time to His purpose (kairos). Thus, it may seem to us as if God is not acting, but that may be because we expect Him to act according to our understanding of when is the right time for Him to act, not His.

One of my spiritual direction instructors, Jan Johnson, humorously observed that many people view God as a vending machine. They put in their coin, punch their prayer button, and expect the answer they ordered up to be delivered if not instanenously than in short order. This is not how God works. We are encouraged instead to be assured that God will act in His time as it befits His purpose (kairos).

One of the benefits of spiritual direction is through prayer, listening with our hearts, and patience we become more attuned to the Holy Trinity and are thereby better able to perceive and understand God’s purpose for us. By intentionally aligning our will with His, we become cooperative and effective instruments through which He works, even when His purpose seems a mystery to us. In other words, we are better able to work in the world to God the Father’s glory, as Jesus Christ, His Son, would work, because Jesus is acting in us through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

As a result, we become more confident and less worried, because we understand that in the vernacular of the day, God has this and He has us. We do not need to know nor control everything. He has, He does, and He will act at the right time to fulfill His purpose (kairos) and to His glory.

May God bless and protect you.

BJ Spanos

Spiritual Director

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®


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